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When Your Well Being Is The Challenge...

When Your Well Being Is The Challenge...

For me this challenge isn't just about achieving a fitness goal, it's about finding me again, because I've lost me lately after everything we've been through.  The confidence is gone.  I don't do anywhere near as much as I used to and I'm far more fearful again.  Post Traumatic Stress is something that doesn't go away and the situation we went through certainly contained enough triggers to  make life harder.  But I'm here.  
Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory

I want to inspire others, but if I don’t truly open up I will inspire no one.  It genuinely is down to me.  So for challenge one I see what I have faced and I acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from moving forward strong is me.  I need to stop settling and accepting and start busting balls.  I have goals.  It’s time to achieve them.
Self Care is Not Selfish...

Self Care is Not Selfish...

There is no weakness in breaking.  In feeling what we feel.  The strength comes in sharing what makes us break with others and allowing them to help us find our strength to carry on.