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Taking Inventory

I want to inspire others, but if I don’t truly open up I will inspire no one.  It genuinely is down to me.  So for challenge one I see what I have faced and I acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from moving forward strong is me.  I need to stop settling and accepting and start busting balls.  I have goals.  It’s time to achieve them.

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What 20 Years of Dieting to Lose Weight Taught Me...

Growing up, I was a bean pole. My Olive Oilesque physique and stupidly large sized feet meant little to me.  I have to say my closeted home life meant I was very unaware of how women should look or should want to look.  I didn't even wear make up until I was 18.  I was eternally shit at sports.  I remember once getting hit with the hockey ball, and barely being able to run 800m without feeling like I would die, even though I was built like a twiglet.   I have polycystic ovaries.  This meant that when I got into my late teens, anything I looked at that had a calorific value attached itself to my body and refused to...

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