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Taking Inventory

I want to inspire others, but if I don’t truly open up I will inspire no one.  It genuinely is down to me.  So for challenge one I see what I have faced and I acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from moving forward strong is me.  I need to stop settling and accepting and start busting balls.  I have goals.  It’s time to achieve them.

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It Must Be Quite Mild Because I Haven't Noticed...

    Currently, I would like a pound for each time I hear this phrase, and a pound for each time my husband hears it too.  Although I’d still have to work for a living, I could probably do my Christmas shopping without using my own money…   Let me start by giving you some context to this statement.     My husband has just been formally diagnosed with Aspergers.  Aspergers is is a developmental disorder on the Autistic Spectrum which is characterised by difficulties in social interaction and non verbal communication as well as behaviour and interests that can be intense and somewhat repetitive.   It is not a mental health condition, although many people who have it do...

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