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Taking Inventory

I want to inspire others, but if I don’t truly open up I will inspire no one.  It genuinely is down to me.  So for challenge one I see what I have faced and I acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from moving forward strong is me.  I need to stop settling and accepting and start busting balls.  I have goals.  It’s time to achieve them.

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From unable to go out, to being named as one of the 10 most inspiring women on social media in my region in 12 months.

Yesterday was a surprising day for me.   I woke up to a Twitter notification telling me I was mentioned in a tweet by someone.  I was not prepared for what that tweet said.   The East Anglian Daily Times(our local newspaper) had named me as one of 10 of the region's most inspiring women on social media.  Once upon a time I would have been terrified of writing a blog like this.  I would have been worried about what you might think of me, what it would say about me and all sorts.  Today however, I am happy to write it.  I know that sharing my story honestly makes me stronger.  I know it can inspire others to be...

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