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Taking Inventory

I want to inspire others, but if I don’t truly open up I will inspire no one.  It genuinely is down to me.  So for challenge one I see what I have faced and I acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from moving forward strong is me.  I need to stop settling and accepting and start busting balls.  I have goals.  It’s time to achieve them.

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How to do it all...

Over time I have lost count of how many times I have had someone say to me "I don't know how you do it all".   Until now, I have always just thought to myself, well I just do!  But lately I have been thinking more about it and I realise it isn't something I just do, but a conscious choice that I have made in life and therefore there is a 'how' to it. This isn't some smug post where I will tell you how easy it is.  It ruddy isn't.  But it is possible.  Oh, and don't be thinking I have this perfect way of getting everything done all of the time because trust me, there are times...

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Inspiring Place, Inspiring People

  When I was first diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, I used to walk a lot.  I would take 2 of the dogs and I would walk along the river in Woodbridge.  I walked a lot with my friend Steph and then I would walk on my own.  I felt strong walking along there because it was somewhere I had come to be able to think about things and think about a future where I was a stronger person.  There was something that became a key part of these walks that I totally attribute part of my recovery to.  I'd been there a few times, but I started to end my walks at The Tea Hut on the river...

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