About The Artist

Having grown up in rural Suffolk without a television, Bon has always had a creative streak that served her well in power cuts.  Her friends will testify to her predilection for creating whatever may be needed, be it for decorating an event or hand making a gift, she will put her hand to it. 

A keen artist at school, as an adult she forgot about paint brushes for 20 years and knitted enough owls to fill a forest, sculpted cakes, decorated every event and tried to be grown up. However, being a grown up sometimes sucks and having been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bon rediscovered her love of painting and paints and 'potters' as a means of finding balance in life.

Worried that her 'bat cave'/studio, and then maybe the house would become overrun with paintings and pieces of pottery, Bon's husband and friends encouraged her to display her work online and sell it. 

She hopes you like it.