Inspirational Speaker



"I didn't fall asleep..."

"Truly inspirational and a natural on stage."

"A tale of triumph and tragedy. An inspirational tale that not only allows us to take stock of the great things we have in life, but life affirming as we can then learn from ourselves to become better."

"We are always very busy in our modern living and sometimes when you speak to people about your experience you realise it’s okay to take some time for your self to de-compress."

"The Runaway Minds evening, coupled with Bon's openness and honesty when discussing her own battles with mental health was a profound and inspirational experience.  Above all it provided warmth, safety and company to discuss the effects of illnesses that can otherwise leave us feeling isolated and alone - an invaluable opportunity when day-to-day life means we do not always feel able to express how we are feeling."

"Bon's story of overcoming adversity is the real deal.  She has made lemonade from the lemons life has thrown at her since birth, and does it all with a huge sense of humour and a genuine love of people despite it all."

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